Update Feb 1, 2017
New Show!

                       After Hours AM
       With Joel Sturgis & Eric Olsen

After Hours AM talk radio isn't your average talk radio show. Covering every paranormal, spooky, creepy and amazing! Out talk radio show in unlike any other listening experience available! Using a approach of humors and profound talk, to engage inspire our audience


Listen In Thursdays at 9pm

Update Jan 21, 2017
New Show!

                   The H-Train Show

I’m your host, Joel ‘H-Train’ Hunt. My ski career ended in March of 2014 at the Sochi Russia Winter Paralympics. I was ranked 24th in the world in Giant Slalom. I started skiing in December 2008, becoming the first person with TBI to be selected to the U.S Ski Team. When I returned, my heart was to serve veterans using the platform and publicity I had gained from my Sochi Paralympics experience. So, what did I do? I started doing radio. I now have my own talk show, The H-Train Show. I am a retired combat veteran and also retired from my ski career. At the present time, I advise veterans about all the programs available in addition to those provided by the VA. Currently my show airs on Military Brotherhood Radio (MBR) as my journey continues with my studies at Colorado Media School. My heart is to help other veterans avoid the fights for life I did. Not everyone can enjoy all the success I achieved, but at least I can help make the journey less of a struggle.  I recently interned with 104.3 The Fan where I learned the ins and outs of WordPress, embeds of YouTube, and Sound cloud.  You can click https://joellhunt.wordpress.com/audio/  to see my work. I am also the Assistant Station Manager at Military Brotherhood radio.  I know all about the Tuner and the Streaming process.

Tune In Sundays @ 3pm

Update Jan 13, 2017
New Show!
Ring The Bell Podcast

Ring The Bell is a podcast where we discuss sports. Mostly UFC/MMA, NFL, St. Louis Blues hockey and Cardinals baseball. But its not all sports, we also have goofy conversations and tell personal stories. What ever comes up in a free flowing conversation is game. Were just here to take part in some tomfoolery and to have a good time, so buckle up and subscribe!

Listen Every Friday At 11am

Update Oct 18, 2016
New Show!

                    The John LeBang Show

The John Lebang show engages your mind from the edge. A culmination of music, comedy, interviews and intellectual reality that is not catered towards the politically correct. The John Lebang show boldly goes where no show has gone before.
Featuring a cast that consists of the host John Lebang, Reality expert Shady, Military expert Wilbert Hillbillie, Pharmaceutical experts Stoned Logic as well other adept contributors Eyeamone (Conspiracy), Abu Mortoodi (Middle East) Nerdi Mahgeack (Science & Technology) and sporadically incorporating additional guest personalities. Running the gamut from the esoteric to the exoteric for the initiate and the profane.

Tune In Tuesdays @ 5pm

Update Sept 19, 2016
New Shows!
The Kevin Holly Show

Kevin Holly with Jaybird, Pops, and Homeless Chuck. pops is 82 in a wheelchair, a korean war veteran... jaybird is my executive producer and homeless chuck is a comedy writer and ex 80s porn photographer from south florida. droppin drawers and stabbin whores is a nice wholesome motto of ours.

Listen Tuesdays @ 12pm

  Vinnie And The Alien Show

Broadcasting from the dark side of the moon, MotownVinnie and Alienstone poke fun at the weirdest, the craziest and the silliest news of the day in their own unique way. In addition to regular segments like The Punchlines and the galaxy's favorite game show, "Onion Or Potato" they mix in some great independent rock tracks, live interviews and live performances in studio.

Tune In Live Sundays @ 12pm

Update August 15, 2016
New Show!

              Open Mike Live

 They're back and funnier than ever! After taking a break from Internet radio, the guys at Open Mike are back home at IRN. Open Mike is a show that is a lot like Tenacious D’s song Tribute.Jack Black and Kyle Gass are hitchhiking down the road when Satan appears and tells them to play the best song in the world, or he will eat their souls. Forgetting what the greatest song in the world is, they play something else as a tribute. Instead we pay tribute to the comedy within life. We are the pointless thoughts and thoughtless points of 2 minds (Mike Ryan, and Stan Swatted). Using current events we invite comedy and creativity from all walks of life. We incorporate the stupid, funny, insulting, and smart humor for your entertainment and ours. Enjoy! 

Tune In Thursdays @ 7pm

Update August 4, 2016
New Show!

                        Life Elsewhere

Life Elsewhere is your prime source for all things arts, culture and media, hosted by British radio personality, Norman B. Life Elsewhere is dedicated to bringing you an intellectual (and entertaining) approach to today’s trending topics, as well as insight into fascinating subjects found off the mainstream spectrum. Every week, LE features an array of guests bringing you the answers to your most burning questions. We thrive on listener support and participation to create a show designed for YOU. Every week followers can expect feedback from experts, celebrities, bestselling authors, politicians, activists, musicians, producers, doctors, and many others! Some call it unconventional, we just call it it Life Elsewhere.

 Listen In Thursdays @ 6pm

Update July15, 2016
New Show!

        Those Weekend Golf Guys

Those Weekend Golf Guys isn't your typical Golf Talk Show! We Do Not cover the PGA Tour. We Do Not talk about anything about Tour Pro's at all!
We DO talk to and about the Average Golfer and how they can have more fun with the game. And fun is what the show is all about. We are, above all, Entertaining! 
John Ashton (Host) has over 25 years of on-air broadcast experience while Jeff Smith (Co-Host) has been teaching folks from rank amateurs to ranked touring Pro's for the same length of time.

Tune In Fridays @ 11am

Update July11, 2016
New Shows!

            The Spud Goodman Show

The Spud Goodman Radio Show is an intimate hourly visit with host Spud Goodman, his temporary permanent co-host Gerald Holcolmb and an army of extended family members. Spud also welcomes celebrity guests, non-celebrity guests and just plain old guests each episode. Topics covered encompass whatever Spud decides to pull out of his butt that evening and a musical guest performs live in the studio.  Listen Monday's at 5PM


Off The Record With DJ Darren 

Darren is IRN's youngest host, but don't let this 10 year old's age fool ya. He's a true professional that takes comedy music to a whole new deeeemension!

Tune in Fridays at 8PM

Update June 01, 2016
New Show!

           Mad Music's I Still Get Demented

Join host David Tanny as he plays some of the best deeeemented music of all time.

Listen Friday's at 5pm

New Show!
The Paint It Black Podcast

Paint it Black started out as just an indie horror comic company. Three long time friends would get together every week to get some serious work done, and after a few beers it would devolve into a night of drunken ramblings and depraved toilet humor. Instead of being selfish we decided to share our inane thoughts with the world and no we have the Paint it Black Podcast, a competitive comedy show where we fight amongst ourselves, play some games, and poke fun at anything and anyone for your amusement.

Tune In Thursdays at 8pm

Update April 10, 2016
New Show! Débuts April 11, 2016

The Martin Dunn Show

The Martin Dunn Show is a talk radio program hosted by Comic Book creator Martin Dunn, along with Co-Host Dustin Holifer and Co-Producer Josh Fonner. The show broadcasts Monday through Friday on the IRN, as well as various other outlets such as iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, and more. The show covers a large range of topics, from pop culture, to the news, and interviews with special guests


Tune NEW TIME! In Mon-Fri @ 12pm

Update March 15, 2016
New Show! Débuts March 16, 2016

                   Spicoli TV

  It's 2 guys, one mic, and broad- casting from "The Shed." IRN welcomes Spicoli TV to our lineup! Join Spicoli & his bud Smitty as they laugh about the goings on in their week and life in general.

 Listen In Wed at 7pm

Update March 10, 2016
New Show! Débuts March 14, 2016

            The Hoppe Hour

Ryan Hoppe is the host of the award winning "Hoppe Hour" podcast out of Tampa Bay. The show is a hybrid mix of Hoppe's rants on the news, and unique interviews you will not hear anywhere else. He interviews national comedians, local Tampa Bay comedians, major market radio hosts, and even celebrities! Hoppe always speaks his mind and says what he feels, because in 2016 we are all uptight by the new trend known as "Fake Outrage". You can always tweet Ryan Hoppe @ryanhopperadio, email him ryanhopperadio@gmail.com and check out http://www.ryanhopperadio.com. Listen to the show anywhere in the world at http://www.spreaker.com/user/ryanhoppe. Big things are going to be coming in 2016 with Hoppe Hour and IRN syndicating the show, Tampa Bay is the town home to legit talent.

Tune In Weekdays at 5pm

Update Jan 27, 2016
New Show
 Does This Hold Up?

Welcome to “Does This Hold Up”, a comedy podcast where hosts, Jamie and TJ, dive into the archives of old movies. No, we aren’t talking about the boring black and white films that your parents raved about. We are talking about the VHS tapes that you love and remember as a kid. Remember those movies that we all thought were years ahead of their time? Every week TJ and Jaime pick a film from their past, analyze it, and tear it to shreds. Only then, will the age old question be answered: Does This Hold up? In addition to the weekly podcast, “Does This Hold Up” performs in front of a live studio audience at the Arcade Comedy Theater with special guest performances, prize give outs, and audience participation. Give it a listen, and figure out if those movies still hold up today.

Tune In Sunday Nights at 8PM

July 21, 2015
New Shows!


What is Loutopia?? It's a creation of stand-up comic Lou Anglewolf. Lou combines 3 elements of life: humor, health, well-being that will not only entertain but help you live a more healthy and happy life!


Listen Every Saturday at 6-8pm

June 20, 2015
New Show!

                     Beyond The Edge Radio

 IRN would like welcome the newest member to our Paranormal Sunday lineup. Beyond the Edge Radio takes you on a wild ride into the world of the unknown and unexplained each week. Join your host Eric Altman and Marie Samuels
as they provide you with quality guests, insight from their many years of research experience, and commentary into the topics other shows refuse to talk about. LIVE! Every Sunday Night at 8pm-10pm ET. Prepare yourselves to go... BEYOND THE EDGE!

May 2, 2015
New Show!

Rocket Sports & Entertainment

 One of the hottest new shows on the airwaves today!!!
We do it all for the FANS! We put an entertaining spin on the sports and entertainment world's biggest stories. Tune in. Host Rick Sassone along with a hilarious cast...the Hockey Hottie, Travis, Big Ed, Dugout View Kris, Pistol Pete and more. Get informed. But more importantly,have a laugh!

Listen Fri @ 2PM & Saturdays at 11AM

March 20, 2015
New Shows!!!!

                  All Paws Pet Talk

All Paws Pet Talk is directed to the millions of owners who are devoted to their pets and animals. Our hosts are animal industry professionals covering various specialty topics and giving free pet behavior and medical advice. We give listeners the opportunity to speak with animal experts one on one. Our show offers the audience exciting updates about events and entertainment opportunities taking place in their communities. We offer new animal health information, doggy fashions, latest trends in pet products, tips that pet owners need to know and much more valuable, informative and entertaining information.

Hear it Live Sunday's @ 12PM

Jan 30, 2015
New Shows!!!!

                     The Grease Gurus

An Automotive Discussion Forum at it's WITTIEST! Veteran Auto Mechanic and Service Center Owner TIM GIBSON pairs up with Long time Stand-up Comedian Lou Angelwolf for an Hour of car talk. It's informative, innovative and humorous.Tim owns Tim's Performance Service Center in Tarpon Springs, Florida and has a desire to share his many decades of auto repair and drag racing history with the radio audience. Co-host Lou Angelwolf is also an automotive enthusiast from the sales side of the auto business. His family owned auto, truck and RV dealerships that kept him busy in between comedy road tours. Tim and Lou are old friends going back 30 years plus, and they create a fun listening atmosphere that covers an often boring subject: Automotive Repair and Service.  Listen in and you may just learn something and have a good chuckle in the mean time.

Listen in Saturday's at 10am

New Show!!!

The Chris Brake Show is your home for everything interesting. Recognized by the Really Interesting Radio Initiative and co-founders of the Independent Indianapolis Podcast Association, we make it our job to produce the most interesting content about everything that's interesting: music, films, television, popular culture, news and current events. Special guests are very important to us, and we love to talk to just about anybody who's doing something interesting. Hit us up on Skype to join in the conversation at "chrisbrakeshow" or subscribe to the Chris Brake Show YouTube Channel for exclusive content. New episodes every week Tune in Wednesday 8-9PM

  IRN proudly presents Lionel Commentaries! Join nationally syndicated talkshow host Lionel as he attempts to make sense out of all the events of the week.

      Lionel can be heard Thursdays @ 12PM & 6PM.

 Chicken Wing Challenge!!
The Double Special Show Fri @ 8PM

This Week On Computer America (Mon-Friday 10pm)
09-05-14: SHOW REMINDER WINNER ---> James Burns!

James wins the Logitech Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650!  Quickly scroll through your favorite web pages, pinch-to-zoom in on your family photos, and much more. Give it one touch and immediately feel the genius of touch navigation.  The large, smooth, glass surface gives your fingers the freedom to perform up to 13 unique Windows 8 gestures. With embedded precision sensors and resistance to fingerprints and scratches, built-in touchpads simply can't touch this.  Valued at $79.99!

Lineup for the week:
Hour one: The Elecronic Fronteer Foundation! Please join us as we welcome Jeremy Gillula, the Staff Technologist for the EFF to discuss online privacy and Net Neutrality.
Hour two: Craig and Ben do Computer and Technology News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities, the Official Optimization Software of Computer America, and answer your computer questions.

Hour one and two: It's our Gamer Tuesday Show with Computer America Correspondent Grayson Hamilton!  Don't miss this show!

Both Hours: Sandy Berger.  Sandy is our Consumer Electronics Expert Correspondent on Computer America.  She talks about the latest technology gadgets and trends in the industry with us. Be there!

Hour one: Scheduled is Chris Cope is the CEO of SlimWare Utilities and he is here every month as our Chief Technology Correspondent!  Every month, Chris discusses the latest Computer Technology and new items that enhance your computing experience.  And remember that SlimWare Utilities maintains your PC, keeps it running smoothly and keeps it running as fast as it was when it was new!  You can update drivers, make Image backups while preserving your documents and so much more!  With SlimWare Utilities, you do it all and do it for FREE!!

Hour one: Standing by is Gene Steinberg, Apple Expert, Computer America Correspondent and Host ot the TechNightOwl radio broadcast!  Gene is here to discuss the Apple September 9th event and what it means to you!
Hour two: Craig and Ben do Computer and Technology News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities, the Official Optimization Software of Computer America, and answer your computer questions.

Both Hours: It's time for Bond...  Ralph Bond joins Craig and Ben with computer news and special topics.  For many years, Ralph was Intel's Consumer Education Director.  Ralph is now with Autodesk and he is an official Computer America correspondent. Topics tonight include the ATLAS Bipedal Robot, the First Geaphene-Based Flexible Display, the Army's Laser War Truck that can now shoot through fog and so much more!


May Your Hard Disk Never Become Floppy!
See You Next Week!

Sept 7 2014: As you can tell, the site has has a little face lift. There will be more changes to the site as time goes on. Our focus is to make the site simple to navigate but still give you all of the important news and show information with the fewest clicks.
We have had several new shows added to our lineup such as: The Double Special Show (Fri @ 8PM) and Lionel Commentaries (Thurs @ 6PM), The Artificial Angler (Sat @ 8am).

This Week's Paracast: Coming September 7: Gene and Chris once again switch gears, as we announce the return of everyone's favorite "good natured" skeptic, Benjamin Radford. During his last visit to the Paracast (April 17, 2011 — Benjamin Radford), we talked about his excellent book Tracking the Chupacabra. This time around we'll be discussing his latest book, Mysterious New Mexico: Miracles, Magic, and Monsters in the Land of Enchantment. We all know that New Mexico is the "Land of Enchantment," but what does Ben really think? Inquiring minds, like yours, will find out as we focus on all sorts of strange legends about possible unusual events, including the alleged Aztec, NM UFO crash.